NanoLearn Pre-recorded Webinar

NanoLearn Pre-recorded Webinar


Join Joel Oleson, SharePoint Evangelist, and Bill Fistori, EVP of Intralearn, on a strategy to unlock the business value of SharePoint through Social Learning.

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Recorded on June 26, 1-2 PM Eastern / 10-11 AM Pacific Time

Did you know that over 50% of all the learning done in your organization is informal and not measured in any way? Do you know how valuable your SharePoint knowledge base, collaboration and external information is to your organization? Are your employees (and partners) able to contribute to the collection of learning within the organization and receive recognition for their effort? If you are thinking about how to expose this value, track key metrics or accelerate dissemination of rapidly changing information, this webinar is for you.

Webinar Agenda: Informal social learning can impact the strength of your organization, maximize the ripple effect of key employees’ contributions, how you can reap the benefits of adding minimal structure to the “water cooler” and see the power of Intralearn’s NanoLearn in action.

The way people learn is dramatically changing to “point of need” as the trend of social media continues to influence access to information. As SharePoint and social media adoption grows within your organization the ability to assign value to knowledge transfer becomes increasing acute. Learning processes must be deployed that can respond to decreasing product and service cycle times with higher quality. Informal Social Learning is complementary to the effort of your Learning and Development organization’s use of a Learning Management System (LMS) for structured course offerings.

Informal learning expert Jay Cross explains, “Informal learning is the unofficial, unscheduled, impromptu way most people learn to do their jobs. Informal learning is like riding a bicycle: the rider chooses the destination and the route”.

See how Measuring Knowledge is Power can be implemented with NanoLearn for Informal Social Learning using SharePoint:

  • Embrace organizational initiative’s where employees or partner organizations work together to accomplish business-related tasks via user-generated (social) content creation and sharing.
  • Bridge the gap between nuggets of “current information” and formal courses by leveraging your existing investments in SharePoint, videos and social media utilizing social and informal learning strategies in your organization.
  • Easily add nominal structure to crowd sourced information by associating educational value, validation, gamification and rewards such as badging to real time correlate against business objectives.
  • As the demographic of the workplace shifts to contain more people who grew up in an age where new technologies and social media are an integrated part of daily life, it is natural that the style of learning and training will adapt to engage with learners and technological advances. Business tools such as SharePoint, YouTube, Yammer and LinkedIn are already used to learn – why not incorporate these into your business practices?

Webinar: Leveraging SharePoint 2013 & Yammer for Social Learning

Pre-recorded on: June 26, 1-2 PM Eastern / 10-11 AM Pacific Time

Joel Oleson & Bill Fistori

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