OEM Partner Program

An Original Equipment Manufacturer of Intralearn Software products has the option of OEM’ing LearningServer which has distinct advantages that are built on top of a Value Added Reseller relationship.  Where a VAR adds a feature or service to ISC’s product an OEM can integrate the technology into a software product while private branding the combined solution. The combined offering also has the advantage of multiple non-mutually exclusive distribution options such as on premise, hosted, sublicensing or SaaS as well as internal use licensing. Access to all existing ISC products, add ons and future product are included with evergreen arrangements. An OEM enjoys a significant discount based on up front or long term volume commitments.

IntraLearn Software is an eLearning software product company with extensive progressive experience in working with partners. Organizations view eLearning as a cost-effective method to improving their employee training and educational requirements. Recently, we’ve seen a growing need for software companies with complex products to support their customers in becoming familiar with the software.

Properly training and supporting customers is vital to the image and success of your company. A product that is easily deployed stands apart from its competitors. Integrating eLearning within your application will allow you to deliver a unique, highly effective, less expensive, and less time consuming training approach to customers needing to quickly use your product.

eLearning via LearningServer for OEMs can be deployed in a variety of non-mutually exclusive models:

1. On-premise license for use behind customer’s firewall

2. Individually hosted license(s) by OEM partner program

3. Software as a Service

Intralearn Software suggests OEMs offer multiple deployment options to provide flexibility for the following reasons:

1. Changing customer requirements and needs

2. Support for both SaaS and customer installed license models

3. Reduce deployment time and expenses

4. Reduce time to market constraints

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