NanoLearn Overview

NanoLearn Overview

As informal learning software, NanoLearn bridges the gap between information that is current and courses by drastically reducing the time and effort to help people learn and keep up to date on items such as processes, policy changes, best practices, and training requirements with corporate e learning solutions. It can take thousands of dollars and numerous months to develop a set of courses, during which time relevant content and materials go without tracking.  This information is most likely distributed via email or alerts with no way of validating who viewed it and/or which recipients understood the material. This is where NanoLearn steps in.

NanoLearn enables key individuals to identify content located in SharePoint (PDF, PowerPoint, etc.) and across the web such as YouTube,  and Social Media such as Yammer and Twitter,  associate a validator such as a, interaction, quiz, survey, or e-signature, and then share and assign it to the appropriate members of their community. Metrics identifying valuable documents, who viewed what, and optionally how well the users understood the content can then be related back to corporate information governance, business objectives, and job performance.


  • Maximizes effectiveness of SharePoint throughout an organization
  • Familiar SharePoint interface drives adoption of knowledge acquisition
  • Content created and stored in SharePoint is ready and waiting to be used for learning purposes
  • Collaboration and social media tools such as Yammer and Facebook become learning content sources
  • Focus on up to the minute information (YouTube, Twitter, news articles)
  • Learning nuggets reduce learning / education costs and improve knowledge retention
  • Learning nuggets are a more efficient use of employee time, enabling them to be more productive
  • Not all information can make it into a course – NanoLearn can fill in these gaps
  • Reduces need to spend time and money to create a “course”
  • Reward employees for creating, sharing and consuming information
  • Aggregate information to keep employees educated on current information
  • Adds value so information can be correlated and measured against organizational objectives/goals

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