The Case for NanoLearn

The Case for NanoLearn


Organizational knowledge such as documents, slide decks, videos, collaborations, social media, etc… exists both inside and outside corporate infrastructure – without the ability to centrally curate, validate understanding, and value performance of a file sharing solutions for business.


The Solution…

NanoLearn provides a lightweight structure to organize knowledge from any user-available source, incrementally adding a variety of methods for confirming content understanding as well as valuable performance metrics in a nimble SharePoint add-on


Use Cases…

  • Rapid employee onboarding
  • Introducing new team members to projects
  • Assignment of required policies & procedures
  • Supporting agile projects, development, marketing & sales
  • Informal and social learning
  • Capturing & measuring institutional knowledge


Organizational Benefits…

  • Increase accountability
  • Distribute responsibility
  • Reward performance
  • Track progress
  • Organize & integrate internal & external resources

Integrated Capability

  • Internalized Compliance
  • Curate, Categorization Collections
  • Reporting
  • Acknowledgement
  • Validation


Customers Use NanoLearn For…

  • A provider of home health, medical staffing, and wellness services is using our technology to confirm new employee onboarding documents, policies and procedures, and confirm employee manuals have been read and understood.
  • A strategic partner helps healthcare organizations adopt new technologies by providing and verifying product simulations for their employees
  • A global provider of IT products and services is using our technology to validate that its workforce informed regarding rapid product changes.
  • A pest control company covering North America is using our technology for on-boarding new service professionals.



  • Addresses concerns, embraces benefits
  • Small shell around existing KODe CoVeRuM sources
  • SharePoint portals for polices & procedures, PowerPoints, etc.
  • Yammer based sharing, coaching and mentoring
    Lync, etc., for live and recorded eMeetings/presentations
  • Public social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Public knowledge sharing such as YouTube, MOOCs & Infographics
  • Metadata, knowledge check, points, community awareness
  • Metrics