NanoLearn Informal Learning SharePoint add on

NanoLearn Informal Learning SharePoint Add-on

As a knowledge management platform, Microsoft SharePoint provides a starting point for the implementation of a social learning system focused on smaller nuggets of information. Historically, training systems managed the content that was then delivered to users as courses. These two concepts run contrary to a system designed to provide information that is already in SharePoint in its final form, such as policy, procedure and process documents. These documents are written to solve precise needs and would never need to end up in a Learning Management System.

What is missing from SharePoint is a way to add value elements to these documents with limited interference so information in SharePoint can still be delivered as point of need in an informal capacity, while gaining the ability to measure knowledge. This informal learning capability closely aligns with the rapid acquisition of knowledge via web search engines without the need to take a course. The anytime, anyplace nature of mobile workers using smart phones and tablets can also be addressed without the complexities of long form training materials.

In addition, content from outside of SharePoint such as blogs, Tweets, and YouTube videos must also be accommodated for while still inside the framework of SharePoint in a soft structured approach. SharePoint also provides a platform for crowdsourcing of content from anyone in the organization so the nature of Subject Matter Experts becomes broader. SharePoint users can become both contributors and consumers of an organizational-wide set of informal learning with the ability to have a greater influence in this learn SharePoint portal. The ability to cooperate on content creation, peer and shared learning is also enhanced in such a model and can offer rewards not available in current Learning Management System environment.

A limited structure which helps to deploy, monitor and track performance, understanding and usage can provide visibility towards achieving corporate goals. This structure can in effect enhance corporate to employee relationships, compress product and service timelines, and establish discipline without crippling innovation. Perhaps most significantly, with the array of information available, concerns about retention disappear as these small nuggets remain available at a SharePoint user’s finger tips.

Intralearn Software, a pioneer in the field of eLearning, has introduced NanoLearn as an add-on to SharePoint to address this pent-up demand for an informal learning mechanism of these smaller “current information” nuggets. SharePoint users across all segments of an organization now have a vehicle to contribute to the health and growth of the measurable knowledge within an organization.

Jerry Goguen is the CEO of Intralearn Software