Knowledge Management with Informal Learning

MS SharePoint Training as a Backbone of an Informal Learning System


I thought it made sense to begin to compile some articles which explore the need for unstructured informal learning utilizing existing knowledge management inside organizations. It is important to note that this style of learning is a part of a whole learning experience that might be offered to a user community. Various studies are available which also present these learning styles as a percentage of the whole.

As I have previously indicated, a MS SharePoint training (with its inherent ability as a document management system for knowledge management of corporate documents, collaboration and connectivity to data sources) can form the backbone of an informal learning system. NanoLearn takes advantage of these feature sets, adding on the ability to add sufficient structure to measure knowledge gained through informal learning.

Jerry Goguen is the CEO of Intralearn Software


From Knowledge Management to Informal Learning

In this article from CARA Laura Bunte, Principal Consultant and Susan Schneider, Managing Consultant, discuss how informal learning has grown out from knowledge management. The closing suggestion is that informal learning can “Allow employees a way to learn from each other informally in the formal environment of your business.”

CARA – From Knowledge Management to Informal Learning