NanoLearn provides informal learning from within Microsoft® SharePoint®

Northboro, MA – March 21, 2014 – Intralearn Software Corporation, a pioneer in eLearning, today announced the release of NanoLearn, a Microsoft SharePoint add-on.  NanoLearn enables organizations to track viewing and understanding of content found in SharePoint document libraries and across the Web.

As a veteran of the eLearning market, ISC sought to address the gap between “current information” and eLearning courses. Organizations have a continual need to distribute new information (corporate polices, sales collateral, articles on the web) which moves too quickly to be distributed via traditional eLearning.  Currently, these documents/files are most likely distributed through emails or alerts with no way of validating user compliance.

NanoLearn allows managers to identify content located in SharePoint (PDF, PowerPoint, etc.) and across the web (news articles, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), associate a validator such as a quiz, survey, or e-signature, and then assign it to the appropriate members of their community. Metrics identifying valuable documents, who viewed what, and how well the users understood the content can then be correlated with corporate governance, business objectives, and job performance.

NanoLearn drastically reduces the time and effort to keep people up to date on items such as processes, policy changes, best practices, and training requirements. It can take thousands of dollars and numerous months to develop a set of courses, during which time relevant content and materials go without tracking.

NanoLearn pricing starts at $10,000.  For more info, visit

About Intralearn Software

Intralearn Software Corporation (ISC) of Northboro, MA is a leading provider of configurable e-Learning software applications for corporate enterprises, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations. ISC’s software is distributed worldwide through authorized partners such as resellers and Private Cloud and Application Service Providers. ISC’s Learning Management System (LMS) and Informal Learning products offer affordable, customizable, highly functional, and easy-to-use solutions for the Windows Server platform including support for .NET and SharePoint. Intralearn Software is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner. For more information, visit