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NanoLearn is a new product which helps to organize and validate knowledge for users of SharePoint content and other external sources. It focuses on providing valuable metrics which highlight the impact on organizational performance. NanoLearn has a variety of uses including:

  • Rapid employee onboarding
  • Introducing new team members to projects
  • Assignment of required policies & procedures
  • Supporting agile projects, development, marketing & sales
  • Informal and social learning
  • Capturing & measuring institutional knowledge
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LearningServer is a highly flexible and customizable Learning Management System. With a variety of licensing/implementation options, support for numerous languages, and the scalability of the Microsoft environment, LearningServer is a perfect fit for organizations of any size. The beauty of LearningServer lies in its modular feature-set and the familiar Microsoft Office-like look/feel. This provides a shallow learning curve and eliminates unnecessary distractions – maximizing users’ time participating in or managing learning. LearningServer is deployable in Microsoft SharePoint, further increasing adoption and familiarity for users.

Valuing Knowledge Sharing within SharePoint, Yammer, YouTube, etc. Learn more in our NanoLearn Blog

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